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Petr Frank, Purchase

“Today more than ever, it is important to be able to offer holistic solutions to clients rather than piecemeal approaches. For this reason, it is good to maintain all competences, from planning through to start up, under one roof.”

Planning, design and manufacture

bustec production is the development and system partner of many renowned companies in a variety of industries. These include machine construction, the electrical and textile industry as well as manufacturers of conveyor systems, laboratory facilities and terminal systems. We plan, design and manufacture the entire range of products for them from separate small parts, through finished assemblies up to complete machine housings and ready-made systems.

From the idea to realisation

At the beginning of our product designs is intensive discussion with our customers. From these, we develop initial ideas and drawings. Or you provide designs, construction drawings or 3D data. We are able to import these directly into our production process. Our planning and engineering team will implement your ideas whatever they may be.

bustec production is the experienced OEM system partner for:


Be it stamping, laser, CNC or welding technology or powder coating. At our highly-automated production location, we offer all relevant work processes in high precision and at an attractive price/performance ratio.

Electronics production

For a number of years our service offer has also included the complete range of electronic production service. Ranging from customer-specific product development up to actual production on state-of-the-art production systems.

Complete systems

Through the versatile production options in metalworking and in the production of electronic components, it is actually obvious to also produce complete systems for our customers. From individual development up to the finished product. Everything from a single source – everything under one roof.

Assurance through precise production data and inspection stages

In bustec production, we place great value on precision. We determine the precise production data on the basis of specified variables. This ensures we achieve maximum accuracy of fit, the most important precondition for successful use of the components we produce in the processes of our customers. To be absolutely certain, we inspect every step on the basis of the laws of physics. Where necessary, we use functional models for testing.