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  • Electronic services
  • Board production
  • Prototyping to mass production
  • Modern manufacturing systems
Pavel Havelka, Engineer

“With many years of experience in the development of electronic components, we are a reliable and cost-effective partner to our clients. We are quickly able to implement your projects according to your requirements.”


As your system supplier, you can involve bustec at various phases of the project – entirely according to your wishes and requirements. In addition to development, manufacture and assembly or complete production, printed circuit board layout, for example, is one potential entry point to our electronic services. During the layout, we work intensively together with the electronics production department in each project phase.

Your benefits:

  • Short communication paths
  • High product quality
  • Optimised production costs
  • Fewer redesigns due to EMC technical optimisation (cost savings)

Our production areas (SMD, THT) are equipped with the latest machines so that your assemblies can be produced with all current technologies. To keep our printed circuit board assembly up to date, we continuously invest in additional equipment in accordance with your requirements. With our modern machinery, you benefit from optimised production costs and high manufacturing quality.

Your benefits:

  • State-of-the-art manufacturing technologies
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Quality assurance
  • SMD line as well as conventional technology
  • Production from prototypes to large scale series
  • Traceability (material, assembly, quality, process)

Because the entry to our system services is flexible, you can also tailor the scope entirely to your needs. As well as contract assembly, we assemble your assemblies into complete units and ever deliver them to your end customers if desired. In addition, we build complete systems for you - regardless of whether it is a single piece or large scale series, whether a small housing or a complete solar mast.

Your benefits:

  • You commission just one (system) supplier, hence reducing the ordering proposals and contact persons
  • You are relieved of coordination tasks because the interfaces between electronics and mechanics is the responsibility of bustec
  • In summary, you benefit from our great product diversity

Assembly of electronic assemblies

  • Equipment assembly/system integration
  • Adjustment/calibration
  • Assembly
  • Optical laser systems

In the electronics division, we always manufacture on state-of-the-art production facilities. Speed, flexibility and efficiency are crucial factors for us. Future-proof design, e.g. of our feeder, makes it possible for us to very quickly reduce our production peaks or those of our customers at any time. This design also ensures very short retooling times as the components for the new series can easily be added through the open feeder chutes.

SMD mounting:

  • Lines with complete inline production, comprising:
  • Input station
  • Inline printer
  • Assembly modules
  • Reflow oven
  • Output station

Manual mounting:

  • Wave soldering unit for lead-free and lead solder processing
  • Double-wave
  • Selective soldering systems
  • Cleaning of the PCB
  • Automatic selective soldering systems
  • Optical inspection
  • Output check